VIP Services

Discover the special services of our room with whirlpool in Rome

Customize your room:
Birthdays – Anniversaries – Events – Holidays – Special day
Book and communicate the chosen theme and code with WhatsApp; eg .: SET BIANCHY / Cod. 01


Shoes with Heels total Crystal show sexy stripper:
Why not amaze your partner, giving him the knit exotic dancing heel, which will let his sensuality shine through for the pleasure of your sight? ( 119 € )


Enjoy the unprecedented experience of your private spa adding an exclusive touch of customization, making use of the advanced ultrasound technology that transforms the water “without boiling and stressing the essential oils” you can immerse yourself in a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere thanks to your favorite essence.
( 1lt diffuser/rental 19€ )
Ask about the essential oils available, and their properties.


Decorate your room by enriching it with a bouquet of balloons, choosing the most suitable for your evening from 29 €


Opt for an original set of underwear that shows yours
feelings. Customizations are possible upon request (subject to availability) 25 €


Choose floral arrangements with Red Rose petals and candlelit paths € 25 (with real rose petals € 50)


Ask for the brand of your favorite perfume, we will inebriate the suite (subject to availability) 30 €


Personalize the music with your romantic couple songs, so you will enter the room and the music will start. from 0 to 65 €; ask about the variants.


Choose the aroma for the Turkish bath and/or for the Finnish sauna: eg. Chili flavor, “spicy evening”

ask for the essences available. €8 per unit


Request chocolates to make the atmosphere of your suite sweeter and more romantic, we’ll take care of your swans 25 €


Ask for the best bath salts for your hot tub, available in different colors, from 15 to 25 €


Why don’t you allow yourself a moment of relaxation all for you?
….. Choose one of the many types of:
Holistic massages (Local / body massage or Ritual massage) in one of our private, intimate and luxurious spas.

Operators and / or Operators for couple or single massages with two or four hands, which can be performed:
on the cot, on the futon or in the water.


Breakfasts: Italian 8 € or continental 16 € per person.


Cakes, with room service on a prepared tray, Italian pastry, for 3/4 people for Birthday / Anniversary with personalized writing / dedication and candles: € 35

Room service with equipped trolley:
Gold balloons inflated with helium by Number and Happy balloon inscription: 60 €


Order your elegant box …..
You will find it in the Suite upon your arrival, you can set it up with:
Sextoys – Bondage – Sex games – Lingerie – Soft BDSM & much more !!!
We basically have 2 boxlove kits; ask us for information on the content. (1st box 80€ / 2nd box 120€)


book your location for photo books: Portrait Reportage – Video Show Reel, etc.


Transfer by car with driver to / from the airport.

Ncc available Hourly,
An excellent service that will accompany you around Rome, including the ZTL areas; to surprise your sweetheart by picking her up with the driver or for your business or leisure days: 43€ per hour


Tour guide lasting 3 hours for groups of people from 2 to 4, in any location in Rome: 100 €

Discover the special services of our room with whirlpool in Rome


For more information you can contact us by WhatsApp, or by phone at the reception between 08.00 and 22.00, at the numbers: +39 06.843 82958 / +39 3664560067