Room with private spa in Rome

and not only...

Discover the versatility of our rooms for a change of atmosphere: from Soft / Relax – to Exciting / Sensual

Come and discover our room with private spa in Rome

Discover the rooms of our Guest house and experience a romantic and discreet stay in our suites with private spa in the center of Rome.

Plan a romantic weekend in the city center, immersed in the luxury of the Eros Suite rooms.

Discover the services dedicated to our guests, perfect for any occasion, and the VIP services for special and unforgettable moments.

Are you looking for a room with a private spa in Rome? Come and discover in addition to the spa, the versatility of our rooms for a change of atmosphere from soft relaxation to intoxicating and sensual, the comforts of our rooms and accessories, will allow you to relax before and after …..

The Smart Card will give you access to the maximum of manageable living comfort in full
autonomy. Private spa managed directly by you with tea corner, slippers / bath towels and a piped music that will accompany you in every room.

The atmosphere after dinner (or whenever you want) is easily transformed by pushing a Button,

from RELAX to EROS

All rooms are equipped with: Swivel pole dance pole, 2 integrated sound system, Soft Dance Music (customizable on request), Ceiling mirrors above the bed & pseudo-discodance lighting systems.

Comfort is guaranteed by: 360 ° hi-tech thermal insulation, thermoregulations: two thermostats
digital environment, h.24 ducted air exchange with premixed in / out, hygrometers for the right level of humidity; all this will allow you to keep yours preferred micro climate, always under control.

The thermal insulation is completed by acoustic insulation. Pre-domotic systems – motion sensors – infrared – timers and interfaces throughout the room will allow you to experience this at its best Experience.